3 Reasons Why You Must Keep Kids Away From Tech For Better Sleep

You must keep kids away from tech for better sleep

Sleep is an important factor for the wellbeing and healthy development of children because it helps them to learn, control their emotions, behaviors, and health in general. Over the years, the amount of sleep children have been getting has greatly reduced because of electronic gadgets like tablets, phones, television etc. However, parents must keep kids away from tech for better sleep.

These gadgets are unhealthy for children because they lead to poor sleeping habits, interfere with proper mental and physical growth and learning, and can contribute to serious health conditions like obesity.

How technology affects sleep

The advancements in technology have seen more kids being able to access electronic gadgets either for school or for their own personal use. There are three main ways that these gadgets have contributed to the disruption of sleep in children.

  • Electronics suppresses the production of melatonin

Melatonin is the hormone that controls sleep and wake cycles in the brain. The screens on the electronic gadgets emit ‘blue light’ which is picked up by photoreceptors in the retina of the eyes responsible for sensing light and dark.

During daylight, the sun is responsible for triggering these receptors but in the night, the electronic gadgets emit enough blue light to trick the brain that it is time to stay awake.

Electronics suppresses the production of melatonin

Electronics suppresses the production of melatonin

This blue light hinders the brain from producing melatonin thus making falling asleep more difficult. Children should not be exposed to electronic screen during sleep time so that the can have enough rest during the night. This will, in turn, increase their focus during the day for learning and other activities.

Parents can also ensure that all electronic gadgets are left outside the bedrooms for maximum effect on healthy sleeping patterns.

  • Electronic gadgets keep kids brain alert

Online surfing, social media and playing video games are some of the activities that children use the gadgets for. These activities trigger the mind to produce adrenaline which is a hormone that makes their brain remain active at night. Therefore, even though they feel tired, they feel as though they need to stay awake.

Sleep time is supposed to give children time to disconnect and unwind after spending a whole day engaged in various activities. Technology does not allow them this luxury because it still makes their brains active when it is time to relax.

Children should spend at least one hour before bed without their gadgets if they are to have a good sleep cycle.

  • Gadgets wake them up through the night

Electronic gadgets have different chimes installed in them that can greatly disrupt sleep. Alarms, notifications, messages, emails, calls etc. are some of the examples of sounds that can really disrupt a sleep cycle.

They are all distractions that should be turned off if parents want to ensure that their children will not be woken up by them. Keeping devices away from the bedroom is the safest way to ensure that they won’t be distracted.

How can you break this technology bedtime habit?

Here are some of the things that parents could adopt to ensure that kids’ sleep is not disturbed by gadgets and gizmos:

  • Power down

Parents must ensure that all electronic devices are shut down at least one hour before bedtime. This will discourage the child from being tempted to use the device and will give them time to relax their brain. It will also help in the production of melatonin to induce sleep.

Parents must ensure that all electronic devices are shut dow

Parents must ensure that all electronic devices are shut dow

  • Keep away all the gadgets from the bedroom

Parents can ban the use of electronic gadgets in the child’s bedroom. This will keep tech devices away from the bedroom and allow the bedroom to be exclusively for sleep at bedtime. It will also encourage good sleep patterns for children.

  • Dimming the screen of the gadget

In case the child needs to use the gadget for school homework, parents should set the gadget in such a way that the screen will be dim enough for the blue light not to be emitted. This will avoid brain stimulation and interference with the production of melatonin to help the child fall asleep without any difficulty.

  • Always limit the daytime use of the gadgets

Be it playing games, watching television, emailing, messaging etc. the time spent on such activities on tech gadgets should be limited. Encourage interactive activities like playing cards, chess or any other constructive game that will engage their mind and challenge them intellectually. Reading books is also a good effective measure for stimulating the brain while relaxing it to ensure an easy time falling asleep.

  • Choose calming activities before bedtime

Calming activities are those that will help the child’s brain relax and at the same time promote healthy brain activity. Try to encourage playing cards or board games with them, read real books, do projects like drawing or coloring, work a puzzle, do some exercises, yoga or breathing exercises to relax, and or your child a relaxing massage.

Just like you, the child should have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Ensure that the pillow and mattress are right and comfortable so that he or she can fall asleep as fast as possible once tucked in.

An uncomfortable bed can lengthen the time of falling asleep and thus encourage the temptation to use the gadget.

Setting a good example as parents

Most of the things that children follow are learned from the parents

Most of the things that children follow are learned from the parents

Most of the things that children follow are learned from the parents. Children try to emulate their parents even when talking about using electronic gadgets in the house. If a parent uses these devices in their bedrooms, guess what, the child will also do that.

Parents should try to adopt the same rules that they impose on their child if they are to learn better and effective ways to use these gadgets.


Children are getting affected by technology addiction, and it is evident among many people around the world. Electronics have become such a big part of our lives that even children are no able to get enough sleep because they have also been overtaken by this phenomenon.

Technology affects melatonin production in the brain, promotes adrenaline production, and also disrupts sleep cycles. Get more insights here:

Parents can help their children break off this habit by implementing healthy technology habits like shutting down these gadgets, removing the gadgets from the bedrooms, dimming their children’s screen, and ensuring a comfortable bed for quality sleep. Additionally, parents can help keep kids away from tech for better sleep by setting the example; parents should be good role models as far as technology use is concerned.

Why a Bus With Sleep Pods Could Replace Airplanes Soon

Bus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soon

A cabin bus is a bus that has comfortable sleeping pods where someone can sleep quietly and comfortably while traveling over long distances. They are luxurious and very comfortable and this is the reason why a bus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soon.

Airplanes have so many disadvantages, from delays and cancellations, jetlag and general discomfort that someone will easily avoid by opting for these buses. The pricing is also fair and they are very convenient for family travels.

A look at the bus

The pod buses are double-decker buses (having a top and a bottom floor) for convenience. The ground floor is made up of table seating (like a dining car in a train), and the upper level is made up of several pods that hold one person each and even include a private light and a curtain for privacy.

A company operating cabin pod buses has already begun making overnight trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco and the managers of this company hope to expand their business to different towns.

The company emphasizes providing the passengers with a good night sleep and a comfortable journey since they hire only the best drivers to handle the driving.

The advantages of buses with sleep pods

  • Cheap

Traveling with these buses is quite cheap compared to the ticket rates of a flight or trains. They offer cheap tickets for quality transportation and professionalism just like the trains and flights do. A whole family can travel on these buses and the price would be half of the price that airplanes and trains offer.

Traveling with these buses is quite cheap

Traveling with these buses is quite cheap

  • Convenient

In case someone wants to go for a meeting in another town, these buses can offer convenient services to the passengers since it can carry a lot of people and there are no delays like when using flights to travel.

  • Cleanliness

These buses are very clean and hygienic inside. The pillows and mattresses are new each time the passengers use the buses and they are changed every time the passengers reach their destination and before the nest passenger comes in.

  • Time

The maximum time that these buses can take to reach their destination is 8 hours which is quite faster than flights due to delays and security check-ins. The passenger is assured that they will reach in a timely manner and it does not waste time on the road.

  • Being Driven

Many people prefer these buses because it will mean that there will be expert drivers who will be driving them to their destinations. They will not be fatigued when they get there.

There will be expert drivers who will be driving them to their destinations

There will be expert drivers who will be driving them to their destinations

  • Sleep Pods

Most airplanes and trains do not contain sleep pods with pillows and mattresses that passengers can sleep on. These buses contain sleep pods that the passengers can completely get a shut eye until they reach their destination.

Privacy is assured, therefore, making it more comfortable for the passengers than when they use the other means of transportation.

  • Luxurious

The buses are very luxurious in terms of the interior design used in creating them and the customer service that they receive from the crew on the bus. The passengers are assured of quality service and relaxing trip throughout their journey.

  • Availability of water

Having clean fresh water for drinking and showering is quite important and these buses offer it. The passengers are assured of having quality clean drinking water on the bus and they are assured that any water that they get to use in the bus is fresh and free of germs.

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Disadvantages of buses with sleep pods

There are two main disadvantages to these buses that are being experienced currently. The first disadvantage is that they are not immune to traffic. In case there is a traffic along the journey, they can get derailed on the road and thus cause delays in reaching their destination.

Another disadvantage that is soon going to change soon is that the service is currently available only in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The company is yet to expand to other states but that will take a lot of time to happen.

Having clean fresh water for drinking and showering

Having clean fresh water for drinking and showering


Buses with sleep pods have come to change the transportation market by offering more comfort and an experience of real rest and sleep while traveling. Airlines and trains will face huge competition from the buses because their advantages outweigh their disadvantages.

They are very convenient and cheap compared to airplanes answering the question if these buses could finally solve a problem exhibited by most passengers.

Could a bus with sleep pods replace airplanes? This question leaves many with the hope that these buses will be able to transform transportation of people, that is why a bus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soon; the hassle of crowds at airports could now be avoided with these buses which ensures one a comfortable ride and quality sleep on travel.

Indeed, these buses could replace airplanes transportation in the future. Just watch out for changes taking effect.

9 Tips For The Ultimate Sleep Solution For Travel

9 tips for the ultimate sleep solution for travel

If you have been doing some traveling lately you may have realized that it can be quite tiresome and most times you don’t get to have a restful sleep while on your journey. This may greatly affect your sleep pattern and make your traveling much more tiring than it’s meant to be. Find here 9 tips for the ultimate sleep solution for travel to ensure that you get enough rest as you travel.

Having a sleep solution can go a great way in ensuring you are well rested when you get to your destination and also ensure that you enjoy the journey there. It also ensures that your performance ability remains high.

Tips on getting enough sleep when traveling

  • Ensure that you stay hydrated during your trip

If you are traveling by air, your skin and body may get dehydrated due to the high altitude and change in air quality which may require that you take as much fluid as possible at least 48 hours before you travel.

Ensure that you stay hydrated

Ensure that you stay hydrated

You should also ensure that you carry enough water with you on your trip to ensure that you always have it at your disposal so as to avoid an instance where you get dehydrated and there is nowhere to get water.

  • Modify your sleep pattern

If you will be traveling to a different time zone it would be best for you to modify your sleep pattern to accommodate this change.

This should be done for a few days before you actually travel so as to ensure your body adapts to these changes. This will also affect your eating habits to better suit the new destination.

  • Avoid using the red-eye if possible

If you do not have to it is advisable that you avoid taking the red-eye to your destination. This is because it may affect your sleeping pattern negatively and thus lower your performance and reduce your focus.

Taking the red eye may get you to where you are going much faster but you may get some problems at the baggage claim as your luggage may arrive later as well as the hotel because your room may not have been ready.

  • Dress comfortably

If you will be traveling for longer than two hours, you should always opt for your most comfortable outfits.

Wear your sweatpants with a soft t-shirt and a hoodie so as to allow you to comfortably fall asleep during your trip. This is regardless of the mode of transportation. You should always choose comfort over style whenever traveling long distances.

  • Avoid stimuli

When traveling long distances it is important that you reduce your exposure to stimuli so as to get some much-needed rest during the journey.

Avoid stimuli

Avoid stimuli

These stimuli include your phone, laptops and other portable electronic devices that may make it hard for you to fall asleep on your trip. This will help your brain to rest a lot faster and thus make you fall asleep.

  • Eat light meals

Eating a heavy meal before your flight may settle in your stomach and make it hard for you to sleep as your body will take longer to digest it.

You should always eat a light meal and snack on some light snacks on your plane until you are offered your in-flight meal by the stewardesses. This will ensure you fall asleep when required thus making you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

You should always carry your own pillows and blankets when traveling. These include your neck pillow as well as your eye pillow. The neck pillow will ensure that your head and neck are supported when you fall asleep on the plane as well as ensuring that your airway remains open throughout your sleep.

The eye pillow will ensure that your sleep is not disrupted by light thus ensuring you get adequate quality sleep during your flight. Never depend on the flight staff to provide you with these sleep essentials as there are some flights that do not offer these amenities.

  • Avoid alcohol

It can be very tempting at times to turn to alcohol when you are finding it difficult to fall asleep when traveling but it is not advised. However, it is one of the beverages to avoid while traveling.

This is because alcohol has been known to lower the quality of your sleep by reducing your deep sleep stage which is the most important stage of your sleep as its when your body goes into rest.

You should instead opt to take a warm glass of milk or some herbal tea such as chamomile to help you fall asleep faster.

  • Exercise

Getting in a good workout before you travel can greatly boost your sleeping behavior on your trip. You can choose to walk a bit before boarding your flight as well as stretching a bit so as to loosen your muscles.



Exercising will help your body to get the energy that will help you stay active during the day thus getting you tired enough to fall asleep when you need to.


It has been said time and again that getting enough quality sleep is essential in every aspect of our lives. This applies also to when we are traveling. It does not matter the reason why you are traveling be it business or pleasure, you will need to get enough sleep so as to be at your best performance level.

There are very many factors that will affect how much sleep you get while traveling and the tips that we have given you will help you get enough quality sleep that will ensure you start your travel adventures energetically.

As we have mentioned above, as long as you will be traveling for longer than two hours always ensure that you are comfortable. This may require you to carry a couple of pillows so as to ensure that your neck doesn’t cramp up when you fall asleep in an awkward position. You should also carry some blankets as it may get a bit chilly when you sleep as your body temperature usually falls when you fall asleep.

Use the tips discussed above for your ultimate sleep solution for travel and find more tips here:

9 Tips on How to Sleep Right to Avoid Back Pain

How to sleep right to avoid back pain

There are times when you go to sleep and wake up with a backache and you wonder what may be the cause. Most times the pain is caused by the position you sleep in during the night. This is because the position you are sleeping in may be causing a strain on your spine that may be causing you to wake up with a back pain. Learn these 9 tips on how to sleep right to avoid back pain.

Having the right posture is not only limited to your daytime activities such as sitting upright in your desk chair at work or standing with an upright posture, it is also important when it comes to sleeping. An awkward sleeping posture can greatly affect how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as well as fetal position

When you sleep in the fetal position or on your stomach you will affect the neutral balance of your spine thus causing you to wake up with a backache.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

These two positions will also cause a lot of pressure on your hips, muscles, and joints which may cause you to wake up with a lot of unnecessary discomforts.

Sleep on your back

The number of people who naturally sleep on their back is very small but it is the ultimate sleeping position to ensure that you get quality goodnight sleep that helps you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.

You can train yourself to sleep on your back which will require some patience and self-discipline.

This position ensures that your spine, head, and neck remain in a neutral position throughout the night thus ensuring no pressure are applied to them and you wake up with no pain.

Use the pillow correctly

Using the right pillow is important for preventing back pain. The pillow you sleep on will greatly determine whether or not your back will ache. The position you place our pillow can help you align your back and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your spine.

If you sleep on your stomach, you should place a soft pillow under your lower abdomen so as to keep your back in proper alignment. Side sleepers should place a pillow between their knees so as to avoid putting pressure on their spines.

You can also place a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back so as to offer your back that extra alignment support that will ensure you wake up with no backache.

Choose the right mattress

Your mattress will play a huge role in how your back will be feeling in the morning. If you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress you will probably wake up with a really bad backache.

The best type of mattress to sleep on is one of medium firmness as it will minimize the curving of your spine as much as possible. This will help reduce pressure on your spine and thus help you avoid some unnecessary back pain.

If your mattress has outlived its comfort you should start shopping for a new quality mattress for the sake of your back as well as sleep quality.

Choose the right mattress

Choose the right mattress

Sleep on your side

If you are unable to train yourself to sleep on your back then you should try and sleep on your side. This position allows your spine to remain straight thus applying very little pressure on it as well as your joints and hips.

When you pair this sleeping position with a pillow between your knees you will be able to avoid backaches during the day and ensure that you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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Get out of bed correctly

Sometimes how you choose to get out of bed can cause you to get a backache. You should always be careful about how you change your body’s position from laying down to an upright position as well as how you get out of your bed so as to avoid straining your back muscles.

You should always get out of your bed slowly and use gentle movements. Ensure that your first role to your side before using your arms to gently push your upper body up then swing your legs out of bed.

When you push off your bed avoiding bending your body at your waist as this may strain your back and cause injury.

Stretch before bed

It is important to stretch a bit before bed so as to loosen your muscles and joints before you get into bed. You can bend forward and backward as well as rotating your hips and joints so as to help loosen these muscles after having a long stressful day.

Loosening your hamstrings can also help you reduce stress on your lower back. You can do this by placing your leg on the bed and gently stretching forward until you feel some tension down the back of our leg. This is necessary especially for people who spend most of their day seated.

Ensure you have the right bed

Having comfortable pillows and a firm mattress is not enough to keep your back safe if you have the wrong bed. The height of your bed can greatly affect the health of your back.

It is important that you make sure your bed is not too low as this can make it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning and can cause your back to get strained. Ensure that your bed is not too high or too low but just right for your height.

Get enough sleep

It has been proven that lack of enough quality sleep can alter our perception of pain. This may cause us to associate certain body discomforts with a backache thus making the brain register that we are suffering from back pain.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

It is important to ensure that you get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep at night. This will require you to practice good sleeping hygiene and avoid all things that could lower the quality of your sleep such as noise and electronic devices.

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It is clear from the information we have given you that there are a number of avoidable factors that can cause back pain. It is important that you learn how to sleep right to avoid back pain and the tips we have given you will effectively help you to do this. Get more insights here:

How you wake up in the morning will greatly affect how productive you will be throughout your day. If any part of your body is aching it will be very hard for you to concentrate on anything that you are doing and thus negatively affect your results.

If you experience a peaceful night’s sleep, you will be happier during the day and this will positively impact your relationships with your family, friends, and workmates. The most important things to look at are your sleep postures, your bed which includes mattress and pillows as well as your sleep hygiene.

Back pain from poor sleeping posture must be avoided because it may even cause sleep anxiety; you should jump at the tools we have given you to ensure that do.

9 Best One Travel Pillows for Endless Sleeping Possibilities

Travel pillows for endless sleeping possibilities

Travelling can be hectic at times especially if it’s a long trip. It can get quite uncomfortable having to take naps when seated on uncomfortable seats especially at the airport lounge when your flight has been delayed. You need one travel pillows for endless sleeping possibilities.

Having the best travel pillows at your disposal can really bring about a huge positive change to your travel experience. This is because these pillows can help you fall asleep easily even when you don’t have a comfortable surface to lay your head.

We are going to discuss some of the best travel pillows that will offer you ultimate comfort for travel. We will also highlight some of their benefits to help you choose the best pillow for you.

Pillows that offer ultimate sleep comfort for travel

There are so many different types of travel pillows that come in a variety of shapes and material that will suit the needs of each and every person.

  • J-pillow

This is an inflatable pillow that is easily portable as you can fold it up and fit it in your purse and fill it with air when you want to use it.

Inflatable pillow

Inflatable pillow

This pillow is great at supporting your neck, side, and back of your head as well as your chin. This will help prevent your head from bopping back and forth when you fall asleep during your trip.

  • TRTL Cervical pillow

This pillow is great at ensuring that your head is held in the right position so as to avoid shoulder and neck pains, especially on long flights.

This pillow is shaped like a scarf and also holds a hidden support panel. It can be easily packed in your luggage and it ensures that your neck is kept warm throughout your journey. This pillow can be washed in your washing machine in the event that it gets dirty.

  • Travelrest pillow

This is an amazing technologically advanced pillow which is made of thermosensitive memory foam encased in a velour cover that is very cozy. The pillow can easily be washed in the event it gets dirty and it also contains a nonskid backing that prevents it from slipping on your neck.

The travelrest pillow easily adopts the shape of your neck and head and thus offers even better support when compared to other pillows. This pillow can be folded thus making it easily transportable from one destination to the next.

  • Cabeau evolution pillow

This pillow is amazing in the sense that it has a flat back with raise side support that prevents your head from tilting side to side thus helping you avoid getting neck problems.

It is one of the best pillows if you are looking for shoulder and neck support when traveling. The cabeau pillow contains a media pouch where you can place your mp3 player if you are looking to enjoy hands-free music experience.

The material used to make the pillow cover is very soft and it can be easily washed in the event it gets dirty.

  • Soft-top inflatable pillow

This is a travel neck pillow that can effectively offer support for your head and it is not bulky. This light pillow can fit into tiny spaces and thus does not give you any problems when it comes to packing it.

The material used to make the pillow is very soft and can be washed in your washing machine. The pillow can also be inflated easily and thus convenient for you to carry everywhere you go.

Soft-top inflatable pillow

Soft-top inflatable pillow

  • MLVOC inflatable pillow

This pillow is essential to everyone who has trouble falling asleep during long journeys. This is because it comes together with earplugs and an eye mask that helps you drown out external noise and excess light when you want to catch a few minutes of sleep during your travel.

The pillow can be easily packed in your luggage and the cover can be washed in your washing machine when it gets dirty. The pillow can be easily inflated in a few seconds thus making it wonderful to carry for any given trip.

  • AirComfy inflatable pillow

This type of travel pillow offers you incredible lumbar ad cervical support during your journey. The pillow is also very light which makes it easily portable.

The pillow also contains internal foam that prevents the pillow from bouncing and the center of the pillow offers great neck support by supporting the arch of your neck. The pillow can be easily attached to your headrest as it comes with an attachment strap.

The pillow comes with its own packsack that allows you to place the folded pillow into it for easy transportation. The pillow also allows you to adjust the level of inflation to offer you optimum support for both your back and neck.

  • Aeris memory foam pillow

This is an amazing pillow as it comes with its own adjustable toggles, eye mask, and earplugs as well as a carry bag to place all these accessories. This great pillow will allow you to get enough uninterrupted sleep during your journey by canceling out external noises and light as well as offering you great support for your neck and head.

The Aeris memory foam pillow is sensitive to your body heat which helps it conform effectively to the curve on your neck so as to offer you better support. It can help ease chronic neck pain and this makes it great to use during camping, long trips, working at your computer or reading for long hours.

The pillow will help increase your blood flow and in turn reduce restlessness. The pillow also has an easily detachable cover that can be washed in your washing machine when it’s dirty thus ensuring you always have a clean pillow.

  • Metene soft velvet travel pillow

This is an amazing travel pillow that ensures you are kept away from germs as you can inflate it simply by pressing a button. The pillow can also be adjusted easily without having to remove it from around your neck.

Metene soft velvet travel pillow

Metene soft velvet travel pillow

The pillow is also made from a soft comfortable cover that can be machine washed thus ensuring you always have a clean pillow when you are traveling.

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Having a neck cramp when traveling is that last thing you would ever wish to get on your trip and that is why you should invest in a great traveling pillow today. When you have the right travel pillow you will be able to enjoy your journey much more as you will have that extra comfort that ensures you arrive at your destination feeling energized and happy.

There are a number of different pillows for travel available in the market and it is up to you to choose a pillow that better suits your needs. The pillows we have given you are the ultimate sleep solution for travel as they will ensure your naps are uninterrupted. Get one travel pillows for endless sleeping possibilities.

It is important to ensure your sleep schedule is not interrupted even when you are traveling as this may alter your productivity. Having the right travel pillow with you can help you avoid getting any unwarranted body aches such as back and neck pains due to uncomfortable sleeping positions.

7 Tips How to Sleep Well When Traveling to a New Time Zone

Circadian rhythm can be described as a person’s internal clock that can sometimes get destabilized if someone travels to a new time zone. It can interfere with the body’s ability to adjust to a new time zone and this can make someone find it difficult to sleep. Many people have this problem and often wonder how to sleep well when traveling to a new time zone.

Insomnia and jet lag are, most of the time, outcomes of traveling to a new time zone. Jetlag can be described as a condition where one experiences sleepiness during the day and is most awake at night. It is often associated with insomnia (a lack of sleep at night), headache, an upset stomach, and extreme fatigue due to the different altitudes experienced during their flight.

Circadian rhythm can be described as a person’s internal clock

Circadian rhythm can be described as a person’s internal clock

These conditions cannot be comfortable especially if someone is traveling over long distances for business or vacation. Whether on business or vacation, one expects to be energized enough to work or explore and insomnia does not feature in their plans.

There are different ways that someone can prepare for time zone transitions and there are also things that they can do to help minimize jetlag once they get to their destination.

Preparation before the trip

The following methods have been proven helpful when battling jet lag on the trip:

People can practice adjusting their watch to match the sleeping time of the new location they will travel to, for several days before they depart. This will give the body enough time to get used to the new time zone and thus guarantee better sleep when they get there.

They can also adjust their watch before boarding their flight to make the mind believe that it is already in this new time zone. On the flight, they should try as much as possible not to sleep since this can mess up their sleep patterns once they reach their destination

Staying hydrated is essential when it comes to helping the body adjust to this new rhythm; water keeps the body healthy so that it can cope with changes. They should also try and book a flight whose arrival time will be in the evening so that they can just sleep off during the night and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.

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Tips on how to adjust to the new time zone

  • Try not to take a nap after arrival

People always find the first day after arrival most challenging and they should try as much as possible to avoid napping no matter how tempting the hotel beds are. The longer someone is able to stay awake after the flight, the more ready they will be when it comes to falling asleep at night. Readjusting the body’s internal clock and minimizing the effects of the jetlag will greatly depend on this factor.

Readjusting the body’s internal clock

Readjusting the body’s internal clock

  • Always pack a travel candle

Travel candles are a good way to ensure that you will stay relaxed and remind you that it’s time for sleeping. These travel candles emit such a sweet and powerful scent that is able to trigger memories.

Burning a candle that is normally used at home will trick the brain and the body clock that it is bedtime and thus their sleep patterns will not be so messed up.

  • Wear and sleep in your favorite pajamas

A little luxury when you travel is essential since it can determine what kind of night you will have. Sleeping in your favorite comfortable pajamas in this new place can make a huge difference since you will not feel so out of place. They will also help you relax since they will remind you of home and bring back the good memories of sleeping in your bed.

  • Pack personal pillows and sheets for the mattresses

A comfortable bed is always preferred when one wants to get some good quality sleep. Packing a personal pillow from home and bringing along some comfortable sheets for the mattress can make one feel more relaxed.

  • Take a melatonin vitamin

Melatonin vitamin enables the body to be in a better position to produce the melatonin hormone that is responsible for triggering sleep in a person’s body. Taking this vitamin with plenty of water before sleeping can help with falling asleep. It is not addictive and someone falls asleep when they need to.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils have been proven to help the body relax. They are made from natural extracts like lavender and chamomile. These natural extracts are used as natural sleep aids and are effective in relaxing the brain and body for sleep. They can be applied to the temples, neck, and wrists for maximum effect.

  • Waking up on time the next day

People tend to sleep in, the day after they get to their destination. However, this makes the day drag on and they usually have trouble falling asleep at night.

Waking up on time the next day

Waking up on time the next day

When someone wakes up on time the morning after arrival, they will help their body to re-establish a proper sleep schedule.

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Jetlag is a condition that affects a lot of people traveling to different time zones around the world. Their sleep patterns usually get messed up but there are ways that they can adopt if they want to minimize the effects of jetlag and ensure that they get good sleep when traveling.

There are different ways that they can prepare before boarding their flights like adjusting their sleep patterns several days before their departure day, and there are different things they can also do to help with the jetlag once they get there.

One of the ways they can ensure that their sleep pattern is not destabilized is to try and avoid napping once they reach their destination. They should try as much as possible to wait until bedtime so that they could sleep.

If you practice the tips discussed here, you will easily answer the question of how to sleep well when traveling to a new time zone. Find more tips here:

Reasons Why Carbs Make You Tired

Reasons why carbs make you tired

Carbohydrates is a type of food group that is designed to give the body enough energy to carry out its normal process inside the human body. The reason why carbs make you tired is that they contain an amino acid called tryptophan which causes sleepiness in the human body.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy but they can really work against someone’s general wellness and energy levels causing them to feel sleepy and generally tired.

How do carbs make you tired?

Once someone consumes carbohydrates, it is passed through the digestive system. It is then broken down and absorbed in the bloodstream. Due to this absorption, the blood sugar rises and causes the pancreas to produce a hormone called insulin responsible for allowing the cells to absorb sugar.

Carbohydrates contain tryptophan which causes sleepiness in the human body

Carbohydrates contain tryptophan which causes sleepiness in the human body

The body then produces glucagon hormone which helps the body to keep check of blood sugar and energy levels. Due to this rapid spike of glucagon in response to eating carbohydrates, the sugar levels will plummet back down very rapidly, which is why someone will experience a general feeling of tiredness, causing a condition known as hypoglycemia which is also known as low blood sugar.

Basically, it is the low blood sugar level that causes the feeling of tiredness. Get more information here:

Other reasons why you may feel tired after consuming carbohydrates

There are other reasons why you may feel a certain drop in energy when you consume carbohydrates. Some of these reasons are:

  • Serotonin and Tryptophan hormone production

The production of serotonin and tryptophan hormones, which is as a result of consuming carbohydrates, is the main reason why someone might feel tired.

Serotonin is the hormone responsible for the feeling of general calmness and pleasant moods, while tryptophan hormone is responsible or the general feeling of tiredness and sleepiness in the body.

  • Drowsiness from overeating

Overeating is the most common cause of eating sleepiness and it is attributed to eating a lot of carbohydrates at one sitting.

Overeating causes the body to channel more blood into the digestive system which causes a temporary deprivation of blood and nutrients in the brain resulting in residual tiredness.

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This can be prevented by eating small, frequent, portions spread out throughout the day.

Drowsiness from overeating

Drowsiness from overeating

Types of carbohydrates and how they affect the body

There are different types of carbohydrate found in different types of food that affect the body differently, in terms of the sugar levels and the energy levels they effect inside the body.

  • Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are carbs that are often rapidly absorbed in the body. They, in turn, spike blood sugar levels causing a drastic increase in energy in the body.

Due to this spike, the drop in energy level will also be rapid and this can leave someone feeling fatigued and lethargic afterward. Some examples of simple carbs are candy, soda, syrups, sugary baked foods, and table sugar.

  • Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are carbs that are not rapidly absorbed in the body. The process of breaking them down is more gradual and this can cause a gradual rise in energy levels.

The body takes a lot of time to process these carbs leading to a sustained rise in energy levels. Some of the foods that provide this type of carbs are vegetables, grains and seeds of plants (e.g. maize, beans)

How to minimize the feeling of tiredness during the day

There are measures that you can take to control and minimize the feeling of general tiredness during the day. Some of these measures are:

  • Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is very important for the body. When someone skips breakfast, the energy level for the rest of the day will be set to the feeling of grogginess and tiredness.

After the hours of rest on a comfortable mattress and the right pillows, a good breakfast is necessary to restore your energy levels and nutrients for the rest of the day.

  • Eating smaller meals throughout the day

When someone consumes a large meal, the body will require a lot of energy to digest it. You should eat smaller portions throughout the day so that the body can remain alert and have enough energy to do other tasks for the remainder of the day.

  • Opt for macro-nutrient balanced meals

Opt for a balanced diet of natural foods instead of processed foods and starchy sides. A balanced diet should include vegetables as the main food, a serving of whole grains and lean meat.

Opt for macro-nutrient balanced meals

Opt for macro-nutrient balanced meals

You should also drink plenty of water so that your body remains hydrated and detoxified for maximum energy levels.


Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy but they also come with a few disadvantages to the body. Consuming carbs results in the production of serotonin and tryptophan hormones that are responsible for the general feeling of calmness and tiredness. This is why carbs make you tired and cause sleepiness during the day.

There are different types of carbohydrates that are found on different types of foods that people consume. These carbohydrates are absorbed differently inside the body and they have different effects on how the body controls the sugars produced and the level of energy that a person will have during their day.

There are ways that you can control the effects of carbs in the body and if you can adopt some of the habits discussed above you should be able to manage the effects of sleepiness and tiredness caused by carbs.

4 Beverages to Avoid if You Want to Sleep Soundly While Traveling

4 beverages to avoid while traveling

Traveling to a new place gives one an opportunity to explore and experience new cultures. It is important for one to stay hydrated and energized for the trip so that sleep patterns are not interfered with and fatigue does not creep in while traveling to the destination. We shall explore 4 beverages to avoid if you want to sleep soundly while traveling.

There are certain beverages that one could take to boost sleep while traveling and others to avoid. Whether on official travel for business or traveling for some rest and relaxation, the journey should be as smooth and restful as possible and the food and drinks you consume play a very important role in ensuring comfort.

Drinks you consume play a very important role in ensuring comfort

Drinks you consume play a very important role in ensuring comfort

Long flights, drives or train rides require that you sleep so that you kick off travel fatigue. You need to have the right beverages that will not interfere with your ability to sleep.

Drinks to avoid while traveling

There are drinks which are toxic to the body and will interfere with or even prevent sleep. These drinks must be avoided for comfort, rest, and sleep while traveling. Some of those drinks are:

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is a drink that is made from methanol. The initial effect of alcohol is that it makes the body feel relaxed and in a sleepy state, but it can really disrupt sleep. A lot of people consume alcohol in the evening for relaxation and as a result, they doze off on their seat.

Once they wake up from the drift on the chair and head to bed, getting back to sleep can prove difficult. As a result, the problem may extend to the morning where they will have difficulty staying awake since they could not get much sleep during the night.

Alcohol can also induce snoring in a sleeper who normally does not snore and lead to the development of sleep apnea, which is a more serious sleep condition that might need medication to resolve.

Another disadvantage of alcohol is that it interferes with the circadian rhythm which is the internal sleep clock of the body by affecting the chemicals that are responsible for sleep in the body. It also increases the heart rate of the person drinker, making sleep difficult.

Alcohol should be avoided completely, if one fancies a good night sleep, especially while traveling.

  • Coffee

Coffee is a stimulant beverage that contains caffeine as its main ingredient. Caffeine is known to stimulate the body and encourage production of adrenaline that can affect the performance of the body in a big way. Coffee promotes alertness and increases the energy level of the body and that is why it is the wrong beverage for one who wants quality sleep.

It is very addictive that once it wears off, one will need more of it to stay energized throughout the day. The side effects of it wearing off is that it leaves someone fatigued and sleepless which leaves the person feeling frustrated and unrelaxed.

Coffee should be avoided at all costs if one wants to sleep well. Healthier drinks should be opted for if someone wants quality sleep while traveling.

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  • Soda

Soda is a carbonated beverage that contains a lot of sugar and can leave the stomach bloated since it contains a lot of gas from the carbon. Soda is mostly associated with acid reflux and heartburn which can be very uncomfortable leading to loss of sleep.

Soda contains a lot of sugar and can leave the stomach bloated

Soda contains a lot of sugar and can leave the stomach bloated

Soda should be avoided during travel because it does not add any true value to the body and it does not help with relaxation and sleep which ones requires while traveling. Cutting it completely from your diet can boost your health in many ways.

  • Valerian tea

Valerian tea is a beverage made from a flowering herb (valerian) mixed in hot water, that helps to relax the body but once it wears off, the side effects can cause the body to lose energy and it is also very highly addictive.

It is also known to contain caffeine which is a stimulant which triggers alertness and leads to lose of sleep.

When traveling, you should try and stick to healthy beverages like milk, water, and other healthy drinks if you are to have quality sleep while traveling. Valerian tea is not one of them.

The best beverages to boost sleep while traveling

Just like there are drinks to avoid if you want to sleep on your journey, there are those which are ideal for boosting sleep and rest. Here are some of the best beverages for quality sleep and rest while traveling.

  • Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has been known to help relax the body and reenergize it. Having a cherry juice while traveling will help you to fall asleep faster and get the body well rested.

  • Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a beverage made from chamomile tea leaves that have some good natural stimulants that help the body relax. Having a cup of chamomile tea mixed with some honey ninety minutes before sleeping will boost quality sleep and sufficient rest.

  • Milk

Milk is well known and proven as an effective beverage in boosting sleep. Drinking warm milk ninety minutes before sleeping is very beneficial for improved sleep and quality rest while traveling.

  • Water

People always say water is life and this statement is true to the letter. While traveling, because of weather and other conditions, you need water to keep your body well hydrated.

Water is recommended while traveling

Water is recommended while traveling

Water is the healthiest drink as long as it is clean and is recommended while traveling because of its neutrality. You do not have to worry about any constituent stimulants which may interfere with sleep or will leave you restless. Water is relaxing and is good for sleep.


It is important that one drinks the right beverages while traveling so as to avoid excessive fatigue and sleepiness on arrival. Whether for work or pleasure, you do not want to arrive at your destination bogged down by tiredness, you want to be energetic and well rested to work or explore.

Always go for drinks that can boost sleep like: cherry juice, chamomile tea, milk, and water. There are also those drinks that should be avoided completely while traveling because they will interfere with or prevent sleep. Drinks like alcohol, coffee, carbonated sodas, and valerian tea are some of the best examples of beverages to avoid if you want to sleep soundly while traveling.

More importantly, healthy or not, you should stop drinking fluids an hour before sleep, so that you have sufficient time for a bathroom break before your recline your chair and your head hits the pillow for some rest.

Anxiety about Sleep Keeping You Up? Try These Sleep Tips

Anxiety about sleep keeping you up

Bedtime, when one can cozy up for sleep and overnight rest is supposed to be the most relaxing time for anyone, but for some people, that is not the case. Despite taking all the necessary steps in readiness for bed, some people still have a hard time falling asleep.

Most often, sleep anxiety is the culprit in such scenarios. Sleep anxiety is the feeling of worry, being nervous or unease just before sleep time. When one is experiencing anxiety about sleep, they tend to feel nervous right before sleep.

Sleep anxiety is a problem which can easily interfere with sleep and needs to be prevented or managed as quickly as possible, to ensure that one gets quality sleep and rest at bedtime.

Sleep anxiety is a problem

Sleep anxiety is a problem

Why does sleep anxiety occur?

Sleep anxiety is caused by a number of different things but the main and most common cause is having racing thoughts before sleep. Everything that a person did throughout the day comes racing down in their mind right before they fall asleep. It is more pronounced on Sunday night due to all the responsibilities and pressures that one will have in the coming week.

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The human brain has a very annoying tendency to run worst case scenarios and negative reflections at night right before one falls asleep. This causes worry and triggers anxiety which can be a huge impediment to one’s sleep pattern.

Some other physical factors that might cause sleep problems include symptoms such as a racing heart. This could be caused by tension and stress making it difficult for one’s body to relax and drift off into sleep. It can be a challenge to quiet these thoughts and stresses down but it is not impossible.

Tips for managing anxiety to improve sleep

Anxiety about Sleep Keeping You Up? Try These Sleep Tips

  • Exercising

Exercising a few hours before bedtime has been found to be a good remedy for improving sleep and lowering anxiety. Exercise is encouraged and it is recommended to be done in the morning or afternoon since, if it is done right before bedtime, it can interfere with sleep by keeping one up for a long time.

  • Controlling the sleeping environment

Light, sound, and temperature are all important aspects of having a good night’s rest. The room should always be darker, quieter and cooler for one to fall asleep well and to sleep soundly through the night. The chances of calming one’s mind and falling asleep are increased by these factors.

Controlling the sleeping environment

Controlling the sleeping environment

A shower or bath before getting to bed is also encouraged because a warm bath will help to lower the body’s temperature to induce sleep.

  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol

When one indulges in too much caffeine right before they go to bed, it can increase the anxiety of the person and inhibit sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant that causes the body to produce adrenaline which can make it difficult for the body to relax thus the uneasiness which cannot allow for sleep.

Additionally, alcohol should also be limited during sleep hours because alcohol is known to raise the heart rate, leading to increased blood circulation and difficulty falling asleep or sleeping well.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day, at least 8 glasses of water per day, is recommended. Do not drink too much water before bedtime since the trips to the bathroom can disrupt sleep.

  • Calm the mind

Calming the mind is a sure way of dealing with sleep anxiety because it is indeed a mental predisposition. There are a lot of relaxation methods to help calm the mind to improve sleep.

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and reading are all good examples of some of the techniques that one can employ to relax at the end of the day. Taking a walk is also a known technique that has worked for very many people in terms of relaxing. When one practices these simple techniques during the day, it will be easier for them to trigger a relaxation response at night.

  • Comfortable pillows and mattresses

Having a comfortable bed is quite important for quality sleep. A comfortable pillow and mattress to lie on ensure that the person will be comfortable enough to sleep through the night and rest well. It also decreases the stress levels of the body, thus, helping the body become more relaxed and calm.

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A comfortable bed will also give the person a chance to drift off into slumber more easily and faster. The reason why most people cannot get sound sleep is that their bedding is uncomfortable.

Comfortable pillows and mattresses

Comfortable pillows and mattresses

Upgrading to a comfortable bed is a sure way of helping the mind and the body to get the rest and sleep needed to energize and rejuvenate.


Anxiety about sleep is mostly triggered by thoughts and worries in life. These worries can interfere with a person’s sleep and make them stay awake much longer and is chronic cases, to be awake the whole night.

Thoughts, especially negative ones, can easily cloud your mind at night when you go to sleep because, during the day, you are dealing with a lot of things and activities that keep you busy and distracted.

There are ways to minimize these worries. Exercise, control of the sleeping environment, limiting caffeine and alcohol, calming their mind, limiting screen time, and seeking medical help are some of the things that a person can employ to stay relaxed at bedtime. Get a personal experience narration here:

People often wonder what the relationship between anxiety and sleep is. They are intertwined, anxiety can cause a lack of sleep and a lack of sleep can also cause anxiety.