9 Tips For The Ultimate Sleep Solution For Travel

9 tips for the ultimate sleep solution for travel9 tips for the ultimate sleep solution for travel

If you have been doing some traveling lately you may have realized that it can be quite tiresome and most times you don’t get to have a restful sleep while on your journey. This may greatly affect your sleep pattern and make your traveling much more tiring than it’s meant to be. Find here 9 tips for the ultimate sleep solution for travel to ensure that you get enough rest as you travel.

Having a sleep solution can go a great way in ensuring you are well rested when you get to your destination and also ensure that you enjoy the journey there. It also ensures that your performance ability remains high.

Tips on getting enough sleep when traveling

  • Ensure that you stay hydrated during your trip

If you are traveling by air, your skin and body may get dehydrated due to the high altitude and change in air quality which may require that you take as much fluid as possible at least 48 hours before you travel.

Ensure that you stay hydrated

Ensure that you stay hydrated

You should also ensure that you carry enough water with you on your trip to ensure that you always have it at your disposal so as to avoid an instance where you get dehydrated and there is nowhere to get water.

  • Modify your sleep pattern

If you will be traveling to a different time zone it would be best for you to modify your sleep pattern to accommodate this change.

This should be done for a few days before you actually travel so as to ensure your body adapts to these changes. This will also affect your eating habits to better suit the new destination.

  • Avoid using the red-eye if possible

If you do not have to it is advisable that you avoid taking the red-eye to your destination. This is because it may affect your sleeping pattern negatively and thus lower your performance and reduce your focus.

Taking the red eye may get you to where you are going much faster but you may get some problems at the baggage claim as your luggage may arrive later as well as the hotel because your room may not have been ready.

  • Dress comfortably

If you will be traveling for longer than two hours, you should always opt for your most comfortable outfits.

Wear your sweatpants with a soft t-shirt and a hoodie so as to allow you to comfortably fall asleep during your trip. This is regardless of the mode of transportation. You should always choose comfort over style whenever traveling long distances.

  • Avoid stimuli

When traveling long distances it is important that you reduce your exposure to stimuli so as to get some much-needed rest during the journey.

Avoid stimuli

Avoid stimuli

These stimuli include your phone, laptops and other portable electronic devices that may make it hard for you to fall asleep on your trip. This will help your brain to rest a lot faster and thus make you fall asleep.

  • Eat light meals

Eating a heavy meal before your flight may settle in your stomach and make it hard for you to sleep as your body will take longer to digest it.

You should always eat a light meal and snack on some light snacks on your plane until you are offered your in-flight meal by the stewardesses. This will ensure you fall asleep when required thus making you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

You should always carry your own pillows and blankets when traveling. These include your neck pillow as well as your eye pillow. The neck pillow will ensure that your head and neck are supported when you fall asleep on the plane as well as ensuring that your airway remains open throughout your sleep.

The eye pillow will ensure that your sleep is not disrupted by light thus ensuring you get adequate quality sleep during your flight. Never depend on the flight staff to provide you with these sleep essentials as there are some flights that do not offer these amenities.

  • Avoid alcohol

It can be very tempting at times to turn to alcohol when you are finding it difficult to fall asleep when traveling but it is not advised. However, it is one of the beverages to avoid while traveling.

This is because alcohol has been known to lower the quality of your sleep by reducing your deep sleep stage which is the most important stage of your sleep as its when your body goes into rest.

You should instead opt to take a warm glass of milk or some herbal tea such as chamomile to help you fall asleep faster.

  • Exercise

Getting in a good workout before you travel can greatly boost your sleeping behavior on your trip. You can choose to walk a bit before boarding your flight as well as stretching a bit so as to loosen your muscles.



Exercising will help your body to get the energy that will help you stay active during the day thus getting you tired enough to fall asleep when you need to.


It has been said time and again that getting enough quality sleep is essential in every aspect of our lives. This applies also to when we are traveling. It does not matter the reason why you are traveling be it business or pleasure, you will need to get enough sleep so as to be at your best performance level.

There are very many factors that will affect how much sleep you get while traveling and the tips that we have given you will help you get enough quality sleep that will ensure you start your travel adventures energetically.

As we have mentioned above, as long as you will be traveling for longer than two hours always ensure that you are comfortable. This may require you to carry a couple of pillows so as to ensure that your neck doesn’t cramp up when you fall asleep in an awkward position. You should also carry some blankets as it may get a bit chilly when you sleep as your body temperature usually falls when you fall asleep.

Use the tips discussed above for your ultimate sleep solution for travel and find more tips here:

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