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We help people sleep . and get the best out of it. 

Just yesterday, you imagined taking the kids to an early morning picnic. Sitting in the grass while watching the kids chase each other, then happily joining the run…suddenly ,your dreams fizzled when you realized you can’t go on an early morning  picnic , because  you don’t get to fall asleep until it’s very late at night… and the kids stay up late as well, playing with their gadgets… you cringe every time you imagine the headache you’ll get if you try to get up early. And then you realize, some things just might never happen. 

THE IDEA       

People can achieve a better quality of life  by learning ways to adjust to their environment ,in ways that will allow them to have the optimum amount and quality of sleep.                                      


A  few decades ago, in the absence of technology, life was more predictable. People , especially children, rarely suffer from irregular sleeping patterns. Back then, the idea of “ play “ meant running barefoot on the fields, climbing trees or simply engaging in games that often require stamina and endurance. For that reason,  kids are often  too exhausted to stay up late, and often, they  doze off to a deep slumber. 

On the other hand , children and even adults of today spend a big part of their waking time on the internet.  Kids often stay up late watching  movies or playing with their gadgets. While it is true that technology leads to progress, it has also become a source of distraction. Many children go to school and unable to follow through with their lessons , and many adults start their mornings with very little energy to get them through the day. Oftentimes, this leads to lower grades and poor employee performance. 

Our mission is to raise awareness on the importance of quality sleep , and identify the causes of sleep deprivation. Through our posts, we aim to provide clear and concise guidelines to ensure that we get the most out of our sleep.  We aim to teach simple, easy to follow tips on improving everyone’ s  overall well-being by helping them establish ideal sleep patterns.  


Providing truthful insight and useful guidelines help others  achieve optimal sleep and get the most out of it.  


I personally started writing these articles about sleep  when I started noticing that more and more families are losing their quality time together due to low energy resulting from lack of sleep.  Family and friends spend less weekend mornings together , and those who go to school started showing a decline in academic performance. A few of my friends suffering from sleep related problems also reported lower productivity levels, both at home and at work. These are just a few of the reasons why I decided to help by raising awareness and providing useful content for those who suffer from lack of, or poor quality  of sleep. Andin order to reach and help more people, I decided to start Bigdmarathon. 


We have an array of articles which are mostly about factors that interfere with sleep, and ways of how to fix it, if not totally prevent it. From providing a list of foods that can cause sleep disturbances, to those which can help induce sleep. On top of this, we also have suggestions on how to improve the kids’ sleep practices and how to effectively minimize distractions. These and many more articles shared in simple, easy to understand terms .  

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