4 Beverages to Avoid if You Want to Sleep Soundly While Traveling

4 beverages to avoid while traveling4 beverages to avoid while traveling

Traveling to a new place gives one an opportunity to explore and experience new cultures. It is important for one to stay hydrated and energized for the trip so that sleep patterns are not interfered with and fatigue does not creep in while traveling to the destination. We shall explore 4 beverages to avoid if you want to sleep soundly while traveling.

There are certain beverages that one could take to boost sleep while traveling and others to avoid. Whether on official travel for business or traveling for some rest and relaxation, the journey should be as smooth and restful as possible and the food and drinks you consume play a very important role in ensuring comfort.

Drinks you consume play a very important role in ensuring comfort

Drinks you consume play a very important role in ensuring comfort

Long flights, drives or train rides require that you sleep so that you kick off travel fatigue. You need to have the right beverages that will not interfere with your ability to sleep.

Drinks to avoid while traveling

There are drinks which are toxic to the body and will interfere with or even prevent sleep. These drinks must be avoided for comfort, rest, and sleep while traveling. Some of those drinks are:

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is a drink that is made from methanol. The initial effect of alcohol is that it makes the body feel relaxed and in a sleepy state, but it can really disrupt sleep. A lot of people consume alcohol in the evening for relaxation and as a result, they doze off on their seat.

Once they wake up from the drift on the chair and head to bed, getting back to sleep can prove difficult. As a result, the problem may extend to the morning where they will have difficulty staying awake since they could not get much sleep during the night.

Alcohol can also induce snoring in a sleeper who normally does not snore and lead to the development of sleep apnea, which is a more serious sleep condition that might need medication to resolve.

Another disadvantage of alcohol is that it interferes with the circadian rhythm which is the internal sleep clock of the body by affecting the chemicals that are responsible for sleep in the body. It also increases the heart rate of the person drinker, making sleep difficult.

Alcohol should be avoided completely, if one fancies a good night sleep, especially while traveling.

  • Coffee

Coffee is a stimulant beverage that contains caffeine as its main ingredient. Caffeine is known to stimulate the body and encourage production of adrenaline that can affect the performance of the body in a big way. Coffee promotes alertness and increases the energy level of the body and that is why it is the wrong beverage for one who wants quality sleep.

It is very addictive that once it wears off, one will need more of it to stay energized throughout the day. The side effects of it wearing off is that it leaves someone fatigued and sleepless which leaves the person feeling frustrated and unrelaxed.

Coffee should be avoided at all costs if one wants to sleep well. Healthier drinks should be opted for if someone wants quality sleep while traveling.

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  • Soda

Soda is a carbonated beverage that contains a lot of sugar and can leave the stomach bloated since it contains a lot of gas from the carbon. Soda is mostly associated with acid reflux and heartburn which can be very uncomfortable leading to loss of sleep.

Soda contains a lot of sugar and can leave the stomach bloated

Soda contains a lot of sugar and can leave the stomach bloated

Soda should be avoided during travel because it does not add any true value to the body and it does not help with relaxation and sleep which ones requires while traveling. Cutting it completely from your diet can boost your health in many ways.

  • Valerian tea

Valerian tea is a beverage made from a flowering herb (valerian) mixed in hot water, that helps to relax the body but once it wears off, the side effects can cause the body to lose energy and it is also very highly addictive.

It is also known to contain caffeine which is a stimulant which triggers alertness and leads to lose of sleep.

When traveling, you should try and stick to healthy beverages like milk, water, and other healthy drinks if you are to have quality sleep while traveling. Valerian tea is not one of them.

The best beverages to boost sleep while traveling

Just like there are drinks to avoid if you want to sleep on your journey, there are those which are ideal for boosting sleep and rest. Here are some of the best beverages for quality sleep and rest while traveling.

  • Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has been known to help relax the body and reenergize it. Having a cherry juice while traveling will help you to fall asleep faster and get the body well rested.

  • Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a beverage made from chamomile tea leaves that have some good natural stimulants that help the body relax. Having a cup of chamomile tea mixed with some honey ninety minutes before sleeping will boost quality sleep and sufficient rest.

  • Milk

Milk is well known and proven as an effective beverage in boosting sleep. Drinking warm milk ninety minutes before sleeping is very beneficial for improved sleep and quality rest while traveling.

  • Water

People always say water is life and this statement is true to the letter. While traveling, because of weather and other conditions, you need water to keep your body well hydrated.

Water is recommended while traveling

Water is recommended while traveling

Water is the healthiest drink as long as it is clean and is recommended while traveling because of its neutrality. You do not have to worry about any constituent stimulants which may interfere with sleep or will leave you restless. Water is relaxing and is good for sleep.


It is important that one drinks the right beverages while traveling so as to avoid excessive fatigue and sleepiness on arrival. Whether for work or pleasure, you do not want to arrive at your destination bogged down by tiredness, you want to be energetic and well rested to work or explore.

Always go for drinks that can boost sleep like: cherry juice, chamomile tea, milk, and water. There are also those drinks that should be avoided completely while traveling because they will interfere with or prevent sleep. Drinks like alcohol, coffee, carbonated sodas, and valerian tea are some of the best examples of beverages to avoid if you want to sleep soundly while traveling.

More importantly, healthy or not, you should stop drinking fluids an hour before sleep, so that you have sufficient time for a bathroom break before your recline your chair and your head hits the pillow for some rest.

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