Why a Bus With Sleep Pods Could Replace Airplanes Soon

Bus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soonBus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soon

A cabin bus is a bus that has comfortable sleeping pods where someone can sleep quietly and comfortably while traveling over long distances. They are luxurious and very comfortable and this is the reason why a bus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soon.

Airplanes have so many disadvantages, from delays and cancellations, jetlag and general discomfort that someone will easily avoid by opting for these buses. The pricing is also fair and they are very convenient for family travels.

A look at the bus

The pod buses are double-decker buses (having a top and a bottom floor) for convenience. The ground floor is made up of table seating (like a dining car in a train), and the upper level is made up of several pods that hold one person each and even include a private light and a curtain for privacy.

A company operating cabin pod buses has already begun making overnight trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco and the managers of this company hope to expand their business to different towns.

The company emphasizes providing the passengers with a good night sleep and a comfortable journey since they hire only the best drivers to handle the driving.

The advantages of buses with sleep pods

  • Cheap

Traveling with these buses is quite cheap compared to the ticket rates of a flight or trains. They offer cheap tickets for quality transportation and professionalism just like the trains and flights do. A whole family can travel on these buses and the price would be half of the price that airplanes and trains offer.

Traveling with these buses is quite cheap

Traveling with these buses is quite cheap

  • Convenient

In case someone wants to go for a meeting in another town, these buses can offer convenient services to the passengers since it can carry a lot of people and there are no delays like when using flights to travel.

  • Cleanliness

These buses are very clean and hygienic inside. The pillows and mattresses are new each time the passengers use the buses and they are changed every time the passengers reach their destination and before the nest passenger comes in.

  • Time

The maximum time that these buses can take to reach their destination is 8 hours which is quite faster than flights due to delays and security check-ins. The passenger is assured that they will reach in a timely manner and it does not waste time on the road.

  • Being Driven

Many people prefer these buses because it will mean that there will be expert drivers who will be driving them to their destinations. They will not be fatigued when they get there.

There will be expert drivers who will be driving them to their destinations

There will be expert drivers who will be driving them to their destinations

  • Sleep Pods

Most airplanes and trains do not contain sleep pods with pillows and mattresses that passengers can sleep on. These buses contain sleep pods that the passengers can completely get a shut eye until they reach their destination.

Privacy is assured, therefore, making it more comfortable for the passengers than when they use the other means of transportation.

  • Luxurious

The buses are very luxurious in terms of the interior design used in creating them and the customer service that they receive from the crew on the bus. The passengers are assured of quality service and relaxing trip throughout their journey.

  • Availability of water

Having clean fresh water for drinking and showering is quite important and these buses offer it. The passengers are assured of having quality clean drinking water on the bus and they are assured that any water that they get to use in the bus is fresh and free of germs.

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Disadvantages of buses with sleep pods

There are two main disadvantages to these buses that are being experienced currently. The first disadvantage is that they are not immune to traffic. In case there is a traffic along the journey, they can get derailed on the road and thus cause delays in reaching their destination.

Another disadvantage that is soon going to change soon is that the service is currently available only in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The company is yet to expand to other states but that will take a lot of time to happen.

Having clean fresh water for drinking and showering

Having clean fresh water for drinking and showering


Buses with sleep pods have come to change the transportation market by offering more comfort and an experience of real rest and sleep while traveling. Airlines and trains will face huge competition from the buses because their advantages outweigh their disadvantages.

They are very convenient and cheap compared to airplanes answering the question if these buses could finally solve a problem exhibited by most passengers.

Could a bus with sleep pods replace airplanes? This question leaves many with the hope that these buses will be able to transform transportation of people, that is why a bus with sleep pods could replace airplanes soon; the hassle of crowds at airports could now be avoided with these buses which ensures one a comfortable ride and quality sleep on travel.

Indeed, these buses could replace airplanes transportation in the future. Just watch out for changes taking effect.

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