9 Tips on How to Sleep Right to Avoid Back Pain

How to sleep right to avoid back painHow to sleep right to avoid back pain

There are times when you go to sleep and wake up with a backache and you wonder what may be the cause. Most times the pain is caused by the position you sleep in during the night. This is because the position you are sleeping in may be causing a strain on your spine that may be causing you to wake up with a back pain. Learn these 9 tips on how to sleep right to avoid back pain.

Having the right posture is not only limited to your daytime activities such as sitting upright in your desk chair at work or standing with an upright posture, it is also important when it comes to sleeping. An awkward sleeping posture can greatly affect how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as well as fetal position

When you sleep in the fetal position or on your stomach you will affect the neutral balance of your spine thus causing you to wake up with a backache.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

These two positions will also cause a lot of pressure on your hips, muscles, and joints which may cause you to wake up with a lot of unnecessary discomforts.

Sleep on your back

The number of people who naturally sleep on their back is very small but it is the ultimate sleeping position to ensure that you get quality goodnight sleep that helps you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.

You can train yourself to sleep on your back which will require some patience and self-discipline.

This position ensures that your spine, head, and neck remain in a neutral position throughout the night thus ensuring no pressure are applied to them and you wake up with no pain.

Use the pillow correctly

Using the right pillow is important for preventing back pain. The pillow you sleep on will greatly determine whether or not your back will ache. The position you place our pillow can help you align your back and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your spine.

If you sleep on your stomach, you should place a soft pillow under your lower abdomen so as to keep your back in proper alignment. Side sleepers should place a pillow between their knees so as to avoid putting pressure on their spines.

You can also place a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back so as to offer your back that extra alignment support that will ensure you wake up with no backache.

Choose the right mattress

Your mattress will play a huge role in how your back will be feeling in the morning. If you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress you will probably wake up with a really bad backache.

The best type of mattress to sleep on is one of medium firmness as it will minimize the curving of your spine as much as possible. This will help reduce pressure on your spine and thus help you avoid some unnecessary back pain.

If your mattress has outlived its comfort you should start shopping for a new quality mattress for the sake of your back as well as sleep quality.

Choose the right mattress

Choose the right mattress

Sleep on your side

If you are unable to train yourself to sleep on your back then you should try and sleep on your side. This position allows your spine to remain straight thus applying very little pressure on it as well as your joints and hips.

When you pair this sleeping position with a pillow between your knees you will be able to avoid backaches during the day and ensure that you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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Get out of bed correctly

Sometimes how you choose to get out of bed can cause you to get a backache. You should always be careful about how you change your body’s position from laying down to an upright position as well as how you get out of your bed so as to avoid straining your back muscles.

You should always get out of your bed slowly and use gentle movements. Ensure that your first role to your side before using your arms to gently push your upper body up then swing your legs out of bed.

When you push off your bed avoiding bending your body at your waist as this may strain your back and cause injury.

Stretch before bed

It is important to stretch a bit before bed so as to loosen your muscles and joints before you get into bed. You can bend forward and backward as well as rotating your hips and joints so as to help loosen these muscles after having a long stressful day.

Loosening your hamstrings can also help you reduce stress on your lower back. You can do this by placing your leg on the bed and gently stretching forward until you feel some tension down the back of our leg. This is necessary especially for people who spend most of their day seated.

Ensure you have the right bed

Having comfortable pillows and a firm mattress is not enough to keep your back safe if you have the wrong bed. The height of your bed can greatly affect the health of your back.

It is important that you make sure your bed is not too low as this can make it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning and can cause your back to get strained. Ensure that your bed is not too high or too low but just right for your height.

Get enough sleep

It has been proven that lack of enough quality sleep can alter our perception of pain. This may cause us to associate certain body discomforts with a backache thus making the brain register that we are suffering from back pain.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

It is important to ensure that you get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep at night. This will require you to practice good sleeping hygiene and avoid all things that could lower the quality of your sleep such as noise and electronic devices.

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It is clear from the information we have given you that there are a number of avoidable factors that can cause back pain. It is important that you learn how to sleep right to avoid back pain and the tips we have given you will effectively help you to do this. Get more insights here:

How you wake up in the morning will greatly affect how productive you will be throughout your day. If any part of your body is aching it will be very hard for you to concentrate on anything that you are doing and thus negatively affect your results.

If you experience a peaceful night’s sleep, you will be happier during the day and this will positively impact your relationships with your family, friends, and workmates. The most important things to look at are your sleep postures, your bed which includes mattress and pillows as well as your sleep hygiene.

Back pain from poor sleeping posture must be avoided because it may even cause sleep anxiety; you should jump at the tools we have given you to ensure that do.

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