7 Tips How to Sleep Well When Traveling to a New Time Zone

Sleep well when traveling to a new time zone

Circadian rhythm can be described as a person’s internal clock that can sometimes get destabilized if someone travels to a new time zone. It can interfere with the body’s ability to adjust to a new time zone and this can make someone find it difficult to sleep. Many people have this problem and often wonder how to sleep well when traveling to a new time zone.

Insomnia and jet lag are, most of the time, outcomes of traveling to a new time zone. Jetlag can be described as a condition where one experiences sleepiness during the day and is most awake at night. It is often associated with insomnia (a lack of sleep at night), headache, an upset stomach, and extreme fatigue due to the different altitudes experienced during their flight.

Circadian rhythm can be described as a person’s internal clock

Circadian rhythm can be described as a person’s internal clock

These conditions cannot be comfortable especially if someone is traveling over long distances for business or vacation. Whether on business or vacation, one expects to be energized enough to work or explore and insomnia does not feature in their plans.

There are different ways that someone can prepare for time zone transitions and there are also things that they can do to help minimize jetlag once they get to their destination.

Preparation before the trip

The following methods have been proven helpful when battling jet lag on the trip:

People can practice adjusting their watch to match the sleeping time of the new location they will travel to, for several days before they depart. This will give the body enough time to get used to the new time zone and thus guarantee better sleep when they get there.

They can also adjust their watch before boarding their flight to make the mind believe that it is already in this new time zone. On the flight, they should try as much as possible not to sleep since this can mess up their sleep patterns once they reach their destination

Staying hydrated is essential when it comes to helping the body adjust to this new rhythm; water keeps the body healthy so that it can cope with changes. They should also try and book a flight whose arrival time will be in the evening so that they can just sleep off during the night and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.

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Tips on how to adjust to the new time zone

  • Try not to take a nap after arrival

People always find the first day after arrival most challenging and they should try as much as possible to avoid napping no matter how tempting the hotel beds are. The longer someone is able to stay awake after the flight, the more ready they will be when it comes to falling asleep at night. Readjusting the body’s internal clock and minimizing the effects of the jetlag will greatly depend on this factor.

Readjusting the body’s internal clock

Readjusting the body’s internal clock

  • Always pack a travel candle

Travel candles are a good way to ensure that you will stay relaxed and remind you that it’s time for sleeping. These travel candles emit such a sweet and powerful scent that is able to trigger memories.

Burning a candle that is normally used at home will trick the brain and the body clock that it is bedtime and thus their sleep patterns will not be so messed up.

  • Wear and sleep in your favorite pajamas

A little luxury when you travel is essential since it can determine what kind of night you will have. Sleeping in your favorite comfortable pajamas in this new place can make a huge difference since you will not feel so out of place. They will also help you relax since they will remind you of home and bring back the good memories of sleeping in your bed.

  • Pack personal pillows and sheets for the mattresses

A comfortable bed is always preferred when one wants to get some good quality sleep. Packing a personal pillow from home and bringing along some comfortable sheets for the mattress can make one feel more relaxed.

  • Take a melatonin vitamin

Melatonin vitamin enables the body to be in a better position to produce the melatonin hormone that is responsible for triggering sleep in a person’s body. Taking this vitamin with plenty of water before sleeping can help with falling asleep. It is not addictive and someone falls asleep when they need to.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils have been proven to help the body relax. They are made from natural extracts like lavender and chamomile. These natural extracts are used as natural sleep aids and are effective in relaxing the brain and body for sleep. They can be applied to the temples, neck, and wrists for maximum effect.

  • Waking up on time the next day

People tend to sleep in, the day after they get to their destination. However, this makes the day drag on and they usually have trouble falling asleep at night.

Waking up on time the next day

Waking up on time the next day

When someone wakes up on time the morning after arrival, they will help their body to re-establish a proper sleep schedule.

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Jetlag is a condition that affects a lot of people traveling to different time zones around the world. Their sleep patterns usually get messed up but there are ways that they can adopt if they want to minimize the effects of jetlag and ensure that they get good sleep when traveling.

There are different ways that they can prepare before boarding their flights like adjusting their sleep patterns several days before their departure day, and there are different things they can also do to help with the jetlag once they get there.

One of the ways they can ensure that their sleep pattern is not destabilized is to try and avoid napping once they reach their destination. They should try as much as possible to wait until bedtime so that they could sleep.

If you practice the tips discussed here, you will easily answer the question of how to sleep well when traveling to a new time zone. Find more tips here:

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